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Harwood 3: scrap of envelope.

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A scrap of a letter or envelope that I found tucked inside my copy of Harwood’s 1801 “Grecian Antiquities”—there is a calculation, 14.56 × 225, giving £3,2557; there is also a stamp that I have taken for a postmark, reading “JY A? 11 ?806” which I have taken to be a date of July 11th 1806, with a missing letter giving a two-letter abberviatoin for a place in England, but that is largely suppositoin on my part. There is also part of an address, in a darker ink than the calculation, “For Mr. B—” which presumably started the address.

It is on laid paper, with part of a watermark “& Son.”

I have also scanned the other side.



115 x 100mm (4.5 x 3.9 inches)

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800 dots per inch



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