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Page 58: Egyptian 7; Egyptian 8 (Hieroglyphics); New England.
Page 25: Cadeaux.  Carnish. Catalonian. (English description)
Margam Abbey of Dreams (kailey)
Carlisle Castle, Cumberland
Restormel Castle, Cornwall
Reading Abbey, Berkshire.
Section V. What Field and Charge are.; Section VI. The several Kinds of Honourable Ordinaries and their Diminutives
Differences (continued). Sect. III, Essential Parts of Arms: The Escocheon [i.e., Escutcheon], Points, and Abatements
(Ornaments of an Achievement, with pictures of helmets)
Section VII. Of Lines with their diverse Forms; Section VIII. Some few Coats referr’d to, for the diverse bearing of several Ordinaries.
Title page
Examples; Section IV, The several Kinds of Escocheons.
Chapter I, Of Blazon., Section I, Rules of Blazoning in General
Handwritten notes; Examples: Abbehall of Gloucestershire; Abbington of Dowdeswel in Gloucestershire
Section IX. Cautions: Containing the Names of Roundles, Guttees, and other Matters
Chapter II. Of Marshalling. Section I. Of the Disposition of divers Coat-Armours in one Shield (or Escocheon) which is the first Part of Marshalling.
Examples: Rev. Mr. Joseph Bokenham. Rector of Stoake Ash in the County of Norfolk; The Right worshipful Sir Nicholas Carew of Bedington in Surry, Baronet.
Section I. continued; Section II. Of Things Marshall’d without the Escocheon.
Examples: The Right Hon. Charles Townshend, Visc. Townshend; The RIght Hon. Charles Spenser, Earl of Sunderland
Ten examples: Abrahall of Herefordshire – Amades of Plymouth
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