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Items taken from Goethe’s Works [Goethes Werke] (1882) (results page 1)

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Frontispiece - Portrait of Goethe with his signature
Titlepage from Works of Goethe
Decorative initial letter O with cherubs
Decorative initial letter B
Bucolic scene from a glade in a forest.
Typographic ornament or flower from page 2.
Decorative initial letter E
Decorative page element/ornament
Decorative Initial letter E
Decorative ornament/page element/tail piece
Decorative Initial Letter I
Cherub delivering a love-letter
Decorative initial “A” with girl and roses
Decorative initial “K” on scroll with owl and roses
Woman with initial letter “V”
Romantic Woman with Cherubs and Cartouche
Decorative initial letter “B” with boy and book
Persian-influenced Chapter Head Decoration
Elaborate decorative initial letter “h” with cherub
Cherub in Persian-Style Frame
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