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ornaments: printers' ornaments used at the end of a chapter.

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Printer’s Ornament with harp and vine
Printer’s Flower from Title Page
typographic ornament: rosette
typographic ornament: flower pointing right
Shabby-Chic Cartouche!
Cartouche from Dedication Page
Cherub (cutout)
typographic ornament: flower pointing left
Title Page Detail: Basket of Flowers
Vintage gold circular leaf border or frame
Printer’s ornament with birds
Ornament: Cornucopia
Gothic Chapter Head: Mediaeval Birds
Music book and wreaths
Printer’s Ornament, bunch of grapes
Rococo headpiece
Fox and Goose Decoateive Element
Ornate chapter headpiece with vignette of curled-up boy
Corner Bookcase Ornament
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