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Vintage gold circular leaf border or frame
Title Page, Kelmscott Chaucer
Title Page
Full-page oak-leaf border
Full-page arts and craft movement border
Full-page holly and ivy border, US Letter sized
Victorian vine-leaf page border
Floriated initial letter “T”
Floriated initial letter T, coloured version
Roundel with roses and thorns
Roundel with stylized blue flowers
Goth skull with vines
Goth skull with vines, colour version
53.26.—Ornamental Leaf
53.28.—Trifoliate Calligraphic Ornament
Persion ceramic tile border: flowers and vines, bright version
Fig. 57. No. 6.—Persian Ceramic Tile Border
826.—Evergreen, Holly or Holm Oak.
Cork Oak, Quercus Suber
892.—Oval Frame With Leafy Branches
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