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Items matching calligraphy taken from Ornamental Alphabets, Ancient and Mediæval (1879) (results page 1)

calligraphy: Beautiful writing; writing produced with a broad-edged brush or pen, so as to produce varying stroke widths, or writing as art.

2.  8th Century.
3.  8th and 9th Centuries.  Anglo-Saxon.
34.  34.—16th Century.  Vatican.
50.—16th Century
51.—16th Century
Decorative initial letter “U” from 16th Century
52.—16th Century from Wood Engravings
53.17.—Variegated Leaf
53.19.—Decorative stylised tree
53.22.—Stylised ivy bush
53.23.—Fleur De Lys
53.25.—Three Leaves
53.26.—Ornamental Leaf
53.28.—Trifoliate Calligraphic Ornament