Goblin Market (page 2/2)

[picture: Frontispiece: She clipped a precious golden lock]

Frontispiece: She clipped a precious golden lock

Laura snips off a lock of her golden hair to give to the goblin fairy folk, so that she can buy something to eat and drink. [more...]


[picture: Goblin Market Title Page]

Goblin Market Title Page

The title page of Goblin Market uses hand lettering by an uncredited artist, and also includes two woodcuts, one showing goblins with bowls of fruit after Arthur Rackham’s painted illustrations, and the other an ornamental bunch of grapes. [more...]


[picture: Goblins with bowls of fruit]

Goblins with bowls of fruit

This woodcut from the title page shows several goblins bearing fresh fruit, probably from a drawing by Arthur Rackham.


[picture: Printer's Ornament, bunch of grapes]

Printer’s Ornament, bunch of grapes

This woodut of a bunch of grapes was taken from the title page of the book; it is sketched in the style of the other illustrations in this children’s book, but is [...] [more...]


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