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Stratford On Avon

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A bird’s-eye view of Stratford-on-Avon made by J. Ross Brown in or about 1908. It is not to scale.

The key at the bottom left lists the following:
A. Shakespeare’s Birth Place.
B. Holy Trinity Church, Shakespeare’s Tomb.
C. Shakespeare’s Home, New Place.
D. Harvard house.
E. Shakespeare’s Inn and Five Gables.
F. The Golden Bee Restaurant.
G. Guild Chapel and School.
H. Memorial Theatre.
I. Ann Hathaway’s Cottage.

It also lists:
1. The Vicarage.
2. Marie Correlli’s Residence.
3. Golden bee restaurant.
4. White Swan Hotel.
5. Fountain Restaurant.
6. Swan’s Nest hotel Boating House.
7. Glencoe Cottage, Arden St.

There are photographs around the top edges of the map, which include: Smith’s Variety Store, Golden Bee, Memorial theatre, Shakespeare Hotel, Holy Trinity Chirch, mar Correlli’s House, Gower’s Monument, Ann Hathaway’s Cottage, Guild Chapel School, White Swan Hotel, The Clopton Bridge, Memorial Fountain, View from Tower of Theatre, The Birth Room, Shakespeare’s Birthplace, and Harvard House.

This image originally came from the public domain images at the Library of Congress; it is []. I (Liam) have scaled it down and converted it to JPEG; I also improved the way that multiple scans had been joined, so that the seams were less obvious. I will distribute the higher resolution image on request.



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