Cambridge and its Story (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover, Cambridge]

Front Cover, Cambridge

A blue hardcover book; I have the “third and cheaper edition” according to the imprint page.


[picture: The Round Church]

The Round Church

“At a point where the High Street, now Trinity Street, branches off from Bridge Street stands the church of the Holy Sepulchre, one of the four round churches of England. (The others are: S. Sepulchre at Northampton, c. 1100 – 1127; Little Maplestead in Essex, c. 1300; The Temple Church in London, finished 1185. To these may be [...] [more...]


[picture: Gateway to King's College]

Gateway to King’s College

“The old gateway facing Clare College, which had been begun in 1444, ws at last completed from the designs of Mr. Pearson in 1890, and remains one of the most [...] [more...]


[picture: Gateway of St. John's College, Cambridge]

Gateway of St. John’s College

Founded in 1135 as the Hospital of the Brethren of St. John the Evangelist. The Master and Fellows of Peterhouse pay annually the sum of twenty shillings to compensate the hopital for the housing of students (or did in 1912, at least, by which time it didn’t go [...] [more...]


[picture: Library, Chapel & Hall, Magdalen]

Library, Chapel & Hall, Magdalen

The Library Chapel and Hall, Magdalen College, Cambridge; it is a part of Cambridge University. [more...]


[picture: Nevilles Court, Trinity College, Cambridge]

Nevilles Court, Trinity College

Hmm, this one came out better, I’m encouraged to try some more.


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