Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Hackney Coaches in 1584 [Vol II]
Hackney Coachman in 1680 [Vol II]
Haddon Hall, Interior of [Vol II]
Hadley Church Tower and Beacon [Vol I] 1048
Hadrian, Copper Coin of [Vol I]
Hadrian, from a Copper Coin in the British Museum [Vol I]
Halberd Heads in time of Henry VII. (fig. 4) [Vol II]
Halifax, Charles Montague, Earl of, Portait of [Vol II]
Hall, Bishop, Portrait of [Vol II]
Hampden, Manor House and Church of [Vol II]
Hampton Court Palace [Vol II]
Hampton Court, Clock at [Vol II]
Hampton Court, Middle Quadrangle of [Vol II]
Hampton Court, Wolsey’s Hall [Vol II]
Hampton Lucy, Old Church of [Vol II]
Hanaper [Vol I]
Hare Stone, Cornwall [Vol I] 0044
Harefield [Vol II]
Harfleur, Street in [Vol I]
Harlech Castle [Vol I] 832
Harold coming to Anchor on the Coast of Normandy [Vol I]
Harold on his Journey to Bosham [Vol I]
Harold taking Leave of Edward on his Departure for Normandy [Vol I]
Harold’s Appearance at the Court of the Count of Ponthieu [Vol I]
Harold’s Interview with King Edward on his Return from Normandy [Vol I]
Harold’s Oath to William [Vol I]
Harold’s Stones, Trelech, Monmouthshire [Vol I] 0043
Harold, Coronation of [Vol I]
Harold, Death of [Vol I]
Harold, the Crown offered by the People to [Vol I]
Harp, accompanied by other Instruments. Cotton MS. [Vol I] 0284
Harrowing and Sowing (Bayeux Tapestry) [Vol I]
Harvey, Portrait of [Vol II]
Hastings, Battle of [Vol I]
Hastings, Battle of [Vol I]
Hastings, Cooking and Feasting of the Normans at [Vol I]
Hastings, Duke William Addressing his Soldiers at the Field of [Vol I]
Hastings, Orders given for the Erection of a Fortified Camp at [Vol I]
Hastings, St. Mary’s Chapel, and the Ruins of Castle on the Cliff [Vol I] 0381
Hastings, William I. and Tonstain bearing the Consecrated Banner at the Battle of [Vol I]
Hastings, from the Fairlight Downs [Vol I]
Hatfield House [Vol II]
Haversham Church, Notts [Nottinghamshire], Effigy of Michael de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, in [Vol I]
Haversham Church,Notts, Effigy of Sir Robert Grushill [Vol I]
Hawking [Vol II] 1788
Hawking at St. Albans [Vol I] 1376
Hawking. From Cotton MS. [Vol I] 0230
Hawkins, Portrait of [Vol II]
Hayes Farm, Devon, Birthplace of Raleigh [Vol II] 1534
Head-Dresses, Ladies’ [Vol I]
Head-Dresses, time of Edward II. [Vol I]
Head-gear of Ladies in the 16th century [Vol II]
Head-gear of Men in the 16th century [Vol II]
Helmet, Shield, and Saddle of Henry V [Vol I]
Helmets in 1645 (entry added by Liam) [Vol II] 2050
Helmets, Tilting; in the time of Henry V [Vol I]
Hendlip House, near Worcester, now demolished [Vol II]
Henri Grace à Dieu [Vol II]
Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I. [Vol II]
Henry I., Great Seal of [Vol I]
Henry I., Silver Penny of [Vol I]
Henry I., Vision of [Vol I]
Henry II., Arms of [Vol I]
Henry II., Effigy of [Vol I]
Henry II., Great Seal of [Vol I]
Henry II., Silver Penny of [Vol I]
Henry II., drawn from the Tomb at Fontevraud [Vol I]
Henry III. From his Tomb in Westminster Abbey [Vol I] 0814
Henry III., Great Seal of [Vol I] 0815
Henry III., Penny of [Vol I] 0816
Henry IV. From the Tomb at Canterbury [Vol I]
Henry IV. and his Queen, Tomb in Canterbury Cathedral of [Vol I] 1156
Henry IV., Coronation of [Vol I]
Henry IV., Coronation of [Vol I] 1150
Henry IV., Great Seal of [Vol I] 1152
Henry IV., Signature of [Vol I]
Henry V. and his Court [Vol I]
Henry V. being Armed by his Esquires [Vol I]
Henry V., Entry into London of [Vol I]
Henry V., Funeral of [Vol I]
Henry V., Great Seal of [Vol I]
Henry V., Groat of [Vol I]
Henry V., Half-Groat of [Vol I]
Henry V., Half-Noble of [Vol I]
Henry V., Noble of [Vol I]
Henry V., Penny of [Vol I]
Henry V., Portrait of [Vol I] 1153
Henry V., Quarter-Noble of [Vol I]
Henry V., Signature of [Vol I]
Henry V., Tomb in Westminster Abbey of [Vol I]
Henry VI. [Vol I]
Henry VI. and Court. John Talbot receiving a Sword [Vol I]
Henry VI. and Margaret of Anjou, Marriage of [Vol I]
Henry VI. in his youth [Vol I]
Henry VI., Great Seal of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Groat of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Half-Groat of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Penny of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Portrait of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Signature of [Vol I]
Henry VI., Tomb fomerly at Windsor of [Vol I]
Henry VII., Chapel of [Vol II]
Henry VII., Chapel of, Interior of the [Vol II]
Henry VII., Coins of [Vol II]
Henry VII., Great Seal of [Vol II]
Henry VII., Signature of [Vol II]
Henry VII., Trial of Weights and Measures [Vol II]
Henry VII., from the Tomb at Westminster [Vol II]
Henry VII., from the Tower [Vol II]
Henry VII., giving the Book of Indenture to the Abbot of Westminster [Vol II]
Henry VIII. Maying at Shooter’s Hill [Vol II]
Henry VIII. and Anne sending Dr. Butts to the sick Cardinal [Vol II]
Henry VIII. and his Council [Vol II]
Henry VIII. at the Field of the Cloth of Gold [Vol II]
Henry VIII. delivering the Bible to Cranmer and Cromwell [Vol II]
Henry VIII., Coins of [Vol II]
Henry VIII., Embarkation at Dover [Vol II]
Henry VIII., Great Seal of [Vol II]
Henry VIII., Portraits of [2] [Vol II]
Henry VIII., Signature of [Vol II]
Henry VIII., from the Tower [Vol II]
Henry VIII., granting the Charter to the Barber-Surgeons [Vol II]
Henry of Monmouth [Vol I]
Henry, Prince, and Lord Harrington [Vol II]
Herald Reading his Dispatches [Vol I]
Herbert, Philip, Earl of Montgomery [Vol II]
Herbert, William, Earl of Pembroke [Vol II]
Hereford Cathedral (fig. 1) [Vol II]
Hereford Cathedral [Vol I]
Hereford Cathedral, Ancient West Window of [Vol I]
Hereford Cathedral, Ancient West Window of [Vol I]
Hereford Cathedral, Interior of (fig. 4) [Vol II]
Herefordshire Beacon [Vol I] 0076
Herstmonceaux Castle, Sussex [Vol II] 2103
Hertford Castle [Vol I]
Hever Castle [Vol II] 1423
Hexham, East End of the Priory Church at [Vol I]
Hexham, Northumberland, Piscina at [Vol I]
Hexham, Northumberland, Piscina at [Vol I]
Hill Hall, Essex [Vol II]
Hoadley, Dr. Benjamin, Portrait of [Vol II]
Hobbes, Portrait of [Vol II]
Hogarth’s Marriage-a-la-Mode—Signing the Contract [Vol II]
Hogarth’s Marriage-a-la-Mode—The Concert [Vol II]
Hogarth’s Marriage-a-la-Mode—The Saloon [Vol II]
Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress—The Badhouse [Vol II]
Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress—The Gaming-house [Vol II]
Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress—The Gaol [Vol II]
Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress—The Inheritance [Vol II]
Hogarth’s The Rake’s Progress—The Levee [Vol II]
Hogarth’s XXX [more paintings by Hogarth] [Vol II]
Hogarth, Portraits of [2] [Vol II]
Holbein, Portrait of [Vol II]
Holland House [Vol II]
Holy Well at Northampton [Vol I]
Holyrood Chapel, Interior of [Vol I]
Holyrood House [Vol II]
Holyrood House [Vol II]
Holyrood House, West Front of [Vol II]
Hoodman Blind [Vol I]
Hooker, Portrait of [Vol II]
Horn of Ulphus [Vol I]
Horse Guards, Old (Canaletti) [Vol II]
Horse, Beating a Tabor [Vol I] 0784
Horse, Beating a Tabor [Vol I] 0786
Horse-Baiting [Vol I]
Host and Cook. Canturbury Tales [Vol I]
Houghton Regis Church, Bedfordshire [Vol II]
House built by Inigo Jones in Great Queen Street [Vol II]
House formerly standing at the corner of Chancery Lane [Vol II]
House formerly standing in Little Moorfields [Vol II]
House formerly standing in Long Lane, Smithfield [Vol II]
House of Commons in the time of George II. [Vol II]
House of Commons in the time of Sir R. Walpole [Vol II]
House of Lords in the time of George II. [Vol II]
House of M. Beaumont, the French Ambassador [Vol II]
Howard, Catherine, Queen of Henry VIII. [Vol II]
Howard, Henry, earlof Surrey [Vol II]
Howard, Portrait of [Vol II]
Howard, Thomas, Duke of Norfolk [Vol II]
Howden Church [Vol I] 1023
Hudibras, Illustrations of [23 illustrations with titles] [Vol II]
Hugh Lloyd’s Pulpit [Vol I] 0048
Hull Castle, in the time of Charles I. [Vol II]
Hulme Hall, Lancashire [Vol II] 1672
Hunslon, Lord [Vol II]
Hunting Horn, of the 16th century [Vol II]
Hunting Rabbits, Royal Party [Vol I]
Hunting [Vol II] 1787
Hunting, Stag [Vol I]
Hurling [Vol II]
Husbandmen. Vision of Henry II. [Vol I]
Husbandry, Implements of [5 illustrations] [Vol II]
Huts in a Cingalese Village [Vol I] 0049
Huts, Gaulish. Fromthe Antonine column [Vol I] 0050