Index to the engravings in Old England by Charles Knight, published in 1845. I have scanned some of the engravings, and those are linked to from these pages. You can ask me to scan any particular engraving by sending email to liam at fromoldbooks dot org with scan request: Old England in the subject, giving the exact and complete index entry for that item, and also mentioning what colour socks you are wearing.

Fac-Simile from Queen Elizabeth’s Translation of a Dialogue in Xenophon [Vol II]
Fac-Simile of Cromell’s Letter announcing the Naseby Victory [Vol II]
Fac-Simile of the Letter to Lord Mounteagle [Vol II]
Fac-Simile of the Superscription of the Letter [Vol II]
Fair, the [Vol II]
Falcon Tavern, the [Vol II]
Falconer, Grand [Vol II] 1789
Falkirk [Vol II]
Falkland, Portrait of [Vol II]
Farnham Castle, Ruins of [Vol I]
Faux the Conjuror [Vol II]
Fawkes, Guido, Autographs of [Vol II]
Feast at a Round Table [Vol I]
Females, Anglo-Saxon [Vol I] 0287
Field of the Cloth of Gold [Vol II]
Field, nathaniel [Vol II]
Fielding, Sir John [Vol II]
Finial [Vol I]
Finial [Vol I]
Fire-Bell Gate (and Curfew), Barking, Essex [Vol I]
Fishing [Vol II]
Fishing in a River [Vol I]
Fishing with a Seine Net [Vol I]
Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge [Vol II]
Fitzwilliam Museum, Section of [Vol II]
Fleet Ditch, the, in 1749 [Vol II]
Fleet Marriage Party [Vol II]
Fleet, the English [Vol I]
Fletcher, John, Portrait of [Vol II]
Floating Coffee-house on the Thames [Vol II]
Foliage, decorated [Vol I]
Foliage, decorated [Vol I]
Folly House, Blackwall [Vol II]
Font of Walsingham Church, Norfolk (fig. 4) [Vol II]
Fonts of Irthlingborough Church, Northamptonshire (fig. 3) [Vol II]
Fonts, Group of Norman-English [Vol I]
Fool and Buffoon, Court [Vol I]
Foot Soldier in 1508 [Vol II]
Foot Soldier in 1540 [Vol II]
Foot-ball in the Strand [Vol II]
Footman with Flambeau [Vol II]
Forest King, the [Vol I]
Forth, the, from Cambuskenneth Abbey [Vol II]
Fortune Theatre, Golden Lane, Barbican [Vol II]
Fotheringay, as it appeared in 1718 [Vol II]
Fountains Abbey [Vol I]
Fox, Portrait of [Vol II]
Franciscan, or Grey Friar [Vol I] 1028
Franklin and Merchant, Canterbury Tales [Vol I]
Friar preaching from a Moveable Pulpit [Vol I]
Frippery [Vol II]
Frobisher, Portrait of [Vol II]
Froissart [Vol I] 0866
Froissart and Sir Espaing de Lyon [Vol I]
Froissart reading to the Count de Foix after Supper [Vol I]
Furniture in the times of George I. and II. [Vol II]
Furniture in the times of William III. and Anne [Vol II]
Furniture of Library [Vol II]
Furniture of Sideboard with Plate [Vol II]
Furniture of Sitting-room [Vol II]
Furniture of State Bed-room, &c. [Vol II]
Furniture of the 16th Century [6 illustrations] [Vol II]
Furniture, Sofas, Stools, Cabinets [Vol II]
‘Fair Penitent, the,’ Scene in [Vol II]