Libro Nuovo [The New Book] (page 2/2)

[picture: Alphabetum Egiptiorum]

Alphabetum Egiptiorum

An “Egyptian Alphabet” of some sort, written out by the famous Italian calligrapher Giovanni Battista Palatino. This might be an early Coptic script. [more...]


[picture: Imitation vellum or paper scroll border]

Imitation vellum or paper scroll border

This narrow full-page border is designed with a trompe l’oeil effect to look as if it’s made from an old cracked and torn scroll of paper or vellum or parchment. [more...]


[picture: 227.---Alphabetum Indicum.]

227.—Alphabetum Indicum.

I am not sure which alphabet is intended to be depicted here. [more...]


[picture: Scrollwork Border from page 227]

Scrollwork Border from page 227

This sixteenth century engraved border was made by Palatino, an engraver and calligrapher of the early sixteenth century. [more...]


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