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[picture: Front Cover, Lucille]

Front Cover, Lucille

The front cover of this book has a border with dark flowers, and a gold-leaf inset for the title; this was an expensive edition.


[picture: Crossed Swords with Snake]

Crossed Swords with Snake

Crossed swords (rapiers) with a coiled snake in the middle, ready to bite. Slytherin House maybe? [more...]


[picture: Ruins and tombs and withred grass]

Ruins and tombs and withred grass

Stone crosses of graves on a hill, with some trees or perhaps a ruined church to the right, and hills in the background. This melancholy sketch was at the end of a a chapter in this gothic novel. [more...]


[picture: Through the Forest]

Through the Forest

          The light waned around him, and pass’d [more...]


[picture: Borders with posies of flowers on either side.]

Borders with posies of flowers on either side.

This border, with bunches of flowers on either side, was used to surround a woodcut of a forest. [more...]


[picture: The Old Ruined Abbey]

The Old Ruined Abbey

Between trees and over thick undergrowth we see the ruins of an ancient stone abbey, with the sunset shining through the mullioned windows. [more...]


[picture: Dark Passion Flowers]

Dark Passion Flowers

Flowers, some open and some closed, and leaves, and goth swirls. [more...]


[picture: Exterior of a German Inn]

Exterior of a German Inn

A carriage with two horses and a driver sits in the moonlit night outside a grand-looking half-timbered house with a lantern lit and light shining out of the open front door. A man in a top hat and Victorian costume is about [...] [more...]


[picture: He Led Her With Him]

He Led Her With Him

A man and woman in nineteenth-century dress are together on the castle battlements, in a heavily treed garden; there are mountains in the background. [more...]


[picture: The sheep of Apollo]

The sheep of Apollo

A young man, naked, sits under a tree, a harp in one hand; all around him sheep are grazing. [more...]


[picture: The End.]

The End.

A cold stone tomb is inscribed with the words “THE END.” A garland of flowers is draped over the tomb alnog with a quiver; a bow and a sword are in the foreground, with a cross hanging from a necklace. [more...]


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