Queens of Scotland, the


Some images from Young Folks’ History, The Queens of Scotland, abridged and adapted from Strickland’s “Queens of Scotland” by Rosalie Kaufman; Werner, Chicago, 1887 and 1895.

Copyright has expired on the images.

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

The front cover has a border printed in black, with also the words, The Werner school and family library, The Werner Company, Chicago, New York; it also has, stamped in gold, Young Folks’ History The Queens of Scotlans by Rosalie Kaufman [more...] [$]

[picture: John Knox's Pulpit]

John Knox’s Pulpit

John Knox, who had joined them [in the Scottish city of Perth] only a few days before, preached such a vehement sermon against idolatry that he increased the excitement. On the 11th of May[1559], he bade them “pull down the nests that the crows might not build again,” and that very afternoon they broke down all the carved work and ornaments of the [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Lady Margaret Douglas]

Lady Margaret Douglas

The portrait shows Lady Margaret Douglas, countess of Lennox (1515 – 1578), wearing a ruff and a bonnet. [more...] [$]

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