Craftsman’s Plant-Book, The (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

Front cover from “The Craftsman’s Plant-Book.”


[picture: Bookplate of James Hall]

Bookplate of James Hall

There is a bookplate or “ex libris” pasted inside the front cover of this book; it includes the words, “EX LIBRIS JAMES HALL and a styilized pine tree or feather-based design. [more...]


[picture: Book Inscription]

Book Inscription

Opposite the bookplate there is a hand-written inscription: [more...]


[picture: Title Page, Craftsman’s Plant Book]

Title Page, Craftsman’s Plant Book

The Craftsman’s Plant-Book: or, Figures of Plants [more...]


[picture: Title Page Detail: Basket of Flowers]

Title Page Detail: Basket of Flowers

This woodcut of a basket or tub of chrysanthemums and I think roses is in a mediaeval style, and appeared as a page decoration on the title page of the book. [more...]


[picture: 322.---Apple Tree. Pyrus Malus. C. S.]

322.—Apple Tree. Pyrus Malus. C. S.

The apple tree makes a rounder head than the pear-tree and is not so erect. The flowers are in umbels, whereas those of the Pear are in corymbs. Nevertheless the corymbose formation is often present, but less straggling than in the Pear. The leaf is more oblong, and is bluntly serrated. The stipules are long and tepering, and produce a ragged effect. [...] [more...]


[picture: 323.---Pear.]


A texture of leaves and fruit from 1565. [more...]


[picture: 826.---Evergreen, Holly or Holm Oak.]

826.—Evergreen, Holly or Holm Oak.

Holly or Holm Oak Quercus Ilex. M. (1564) 206. [more...]


[picture: Cork Oak, Quercus Suber]

Cork Oak, Quercus Suber

Cork Oak Quecus Suber


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