108. Bay Window at Thornbury Castle, Gloucester.details

[Picture: Bay Window at Thornbury Castle, Gloucester.]
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108. Bay Window at Thornbury Castle, Gloucester., in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England more



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108. Bay Window at Thornbury Castle, Gloucester.

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Besides the simple and dignified forms which were chiefly used, there were a few cases in which the plan was more complicated, and in which it took one shape on the ground floor and another on the floor above. Thorpe has several instances of this quaint treatment; an actual example exists at Thornbury Castle (Fig. 108) where the result is not very happy.” (p. 157)

The Castle is now an hotel as far as I can tell. There was a house here in 1330 or so, and permission to fortify it was given in 1510. It was converted to a more relaxed country house in 1720, and restored in 1811 and 1854. There are also both inner and outer courtyards and walled gardens.


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