Les Aventures de Jean-Paul Choppart par Louis Desnoyers: L’Episode de Panouille (page 2/2)

[picture: Boy thumbing his nose out of a window]

Boy thumbing his nose out of a window

The frontispiece shows Jean-Paul Choppart, the boy the book is about, looking out of a circular stone window and thumbing his nose, or perhaps pretending to play the flute. He has curly hair. [more...]


[picture: Title Page Detail: Angel With Whip]

Title Page Detail: Angel With Whip

This vignette, or little scene, is on the title page. A winged angel stands amidst two groups of little children. One group, clad in white, have wreaths of flowers round their heads and are praying. The other group are in night-clothes, and appear to be trying [...] [more...]


[picture: The boy himself]

The boy himself

A sketch of a curly-haired scruffily-dressed boy with his hands in his pockets, reproduced as a wood engraving.


[picture: Beating the boy]

Beating the boy

Mr.Choppart takes his son in one hand, and with his other hand the cane (used for loading a musket), made from flexible and supple whalebone. A colleague suggested, “Mr Choppart grabbed his son with one hand, and with the other the rod of his gun, as [...] [more...]


[picture: Le marquis de la Galoche]

Le marquis de la Galoche

A girl (I think) with a strange hat, a drum, a guitar, a triangle: a one-man marching band.


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