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[picture: Bookplate in Volume 1]

Bookplate in Volume 1

The same bookplate is pasted into each of the four volumes. It has an heraldic crest, family shield, or coat of arms, with the motto tenax in fide, which is, “Steadfast in [the] faith” and is the motto of the Smith family. The name ‘Abel Smith’ appears under the crest, and this may be Abel Smith of Woodhall Park, born 17th July 1788 and died 23rd February 1859; a theory strengthened by [...] [more...]


[picture: Title Page, Chambaud's Dictionary]

Title Page, Chambaud’s Dictionary

This is a fairly typical title page for a reference work from the period (in this case, 1815) and is somewhat cluttered. In its favour the list of London-based booksellers and publishers at the foot of the [...] [more...]


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