Little Folks Magazine Vol 64 (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover Vol 64]

Front Cover Vol 64

The front cover for Volume 64 (1906) has a full-page illustration in colour of a large stork wearing hiking boots and walking down a country path with a girl alongside it. The girl wears a red [...] [more...]


[picture: The Witch]

The Witch

In this illustration a witch (presumably) is depicted as an old woman with a long nose and missing teeth. She wears a tall hat with a large red cat perched on it. She carries a broomstick under one arm and holds a green rabbit by one paw with her other (nearer) hand as she strides, [...] [more...]


[picture: Drawing of naked child playing trombone with scroll of music]

Drawing of naked child playing trombone with scroll of music

This child is sitting on the ground with outstretched legs playing a trombone. The child has curly hair but could be either a boy or a girl; naked children in Arts and Craft settings are almost always boys, however. [...] [more...]


[picture: The robber was watching him curiously]

The robber was watching him curiously

This picture was made to illustrate a chapter from the children’s story “Gideon and the Magic Myrtle” by Myra Hamilton. these days people probably think of Harry Potter and Dumbledore! It’s signed by [...] [more...]


[picture: Wizard with book and candle]

Wizard with book and candle

A wizard, complete with pointy hat and beard, sits at a table; there’s a large open book on the table and a wax candle in a tall candlestick gives off light. [more...]


[picture: Winged fairy boy sitting in wreath]

Winged fairy boy sitting in wreath

A naked boy with butterfly wings sits smiling in a large wreath of leaves and flowers; his bare feet are together and his hands reach out beside his ankles, his knees almost up [...] [more...]


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