La Civilizacion 3 (page 2/2)

[picture: Murder in the Castle]

Murder in the Castle

This engraving (i think) actually shows the discovery of the body of the Roman emperor Nero just after he had killed himself, but i am far from certain; the men’s swords are drawn. [more...]


[picture: Slaves for the Harem]

Slaves for the Harem

Cautivas Para El Harem [more...]


[picture: Crusader King]

Crusader King

The man in this engraving is wearing chain mail and a crown; a large cross on his chest suggests he is on a Crusade; he has a large shield with the same device, [...] [more...]


[picture: Crusaders conquor Jerusalem]

Crusaders conquor Jerusalem

A knight in ring-mail holds the Crusaders’ flag aloft on the top of a castle wall. He points a sword at some defending bowmen just as another knight, climing a [...] [more...]


[picture: Medieval Customs]

Medieval Customs

costumbres de la media. [more...]


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