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[Picture: 161.—Venetian Gothic Capitals. 15th Century.]
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161.—Venetian Gothic Capitals. 15th Century.

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Any of the minu­scule forms of Blackletter which have been illus­trated may be used with the Gothic capitals of figures 165 – 5, 166, 177, 179, 185, 188-9; or with such Un­cial capitals as are illustrated in 155 to 162; care being taken, of course, that these capitals are made to agree in style and weight with the small let­ters chosen. Al­though Uncial capitals are histor­ically more close­ly allied with the Round Gothic, we have abundant precedent for their use with the min­uscule Blackletter in many of the best medieval specimens.

When the Gothic Uncial capitals were cut in stone and marble there was naturally a corresponding change in char­acter, as is shown in the Italian examples illustrated in 160 and 161. These examples, which are reproduced from rubbings, exhibit the characteristic stone cut forms very clearly. (p. 139)

Note: The size given does not inclue the captions, but rather gives a rough idea of the full extent of the letters.

I have not split these letters into individual images, although I could do so on request. The original scan was at higher resolution than the largest image here, of course. It is unusual to see such a complete alphabet, although I am not sure if the V and W are authentic.



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