Paris Avant l’Histoire (page 2/2)

[picture: Front Cover]

Front Cover

My copy of Paris avant l’Historire is bound in quarter-leather with marbled boards.


[picture: Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.]

Frontispiece: A Dream: Tertiary Man.

A naked man sits in a tree hugging his knees, his bare feet dangling. Behind him is a lake or river with elephants grazing. A bird wades through a marsh in the foreground. The man has short hair and appears beardless, perhaps a boy, although one has to wonder about priorities in a world with barbers but no clothing. The youth is sitting in a nest, perhaps [...] [more...]


[picture: A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)]

A Dream: Tertiary man (Ultra HD TV version)

A detail cropped to a widescreen format from the Frontispiece showing the naked youth sitting in a nest in a tree, with the river and elephants behind him. [more...]


[picture: Foliated chapterhead with dragons]

Foliated chapterhead with dragons

This fleuron or chapterhead is at the start of part III of the novel. It has four dragon’s heads with barbed tongues in a symmetrical pattern, surrounded by leaves perhaps like clover. [more...]


[picture: Pied Léger]

Pied Léger

An illustration of prehistoric Paris; a man sits on the edge of a roughly-made wooden pier, presumably over the River Seine, dangling his bare legs over the edge. He wears only an animal skin formed into breeches with a belt and looped over one shuolder, and [...] [more...]


[picture: Holly-Branch and Storm Wind]

Holly-Branch and Storm Wind

Branche-de-Houx et Vent d’Orage. [more...]


[picture: The Archdruid]

The Archdruid

The Archdruid, or chief druid, is depicted in this engraving standing near a stone monolith and holding herbs and a curved knife for harvesting plants. He is bearded and has perhaps a wreath of oak leaves on [...] [more...]


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