A Painter’s Anthology (page 2/2)

[picture: The Bishop of St. Praxed's Orders his Tomb.]

The Bishop of St. Praxed’s Orders his Tomb.

In the picture, which is a colour reproduction of a watercolour painting it seems, the elderly Bishop is in bed. He has very pale skin. The bed is a four-poster and the [...] [more...]


[picture: Shepherd Boy]

Shepherd Boy

A young man, a shepherd, wears a broad-brimmed hat and a ragged animal skin, spotted like that of a tiger; he appears to be barefoot in long grass, although the effect is that of a hooved satyr. He is playing twin pipes. In the [...] [more...]


[picture: Barn Owl]

Barn Owl

An antique/vintage woodcut of a barn owl at rest, facing slightly to the side, isolated on a white background.


[picture: Blow, Blow, thou winter wind]

Blow, Blow, thou winter wind

This man struggling in high winter wind illustrates a sonnet by Shakespeare.


[picture: Girl at prayer]

Girl at prayer

A wood-engraving (probably a woodcut) of a girl praying; she kneels and wears a nightgown, with hands clasped. Black and white.


[picture: Methought what pain it was to drown]

Methought what pain it was to drown

Dangling seaweed from above; fishes; a treasure on the bottom; a watercolour scene of the sea to illustrate the dream of Clarence from Shakespeare’s play Richard III. [more...]


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