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[picture: Front cover from Electric Lighting for Marine Engineers]

Title: Electric Lighting for Ships

Author: Walker, Sydney F.

Published by: Whittaker & Co.

City: London

Date: 1892

Total items: 13

Out of copyright (called public domain in the USA), hence royalty-free for all purposes usage credit requested, or as marked.

Some sample images

[picture: Fig. 60.---Bulkhead Fitting for Lighting two Cabins with one Lamp.]

Fig. 60.—Bulkhead Fitting for Lighting two Cabins with one Lamp.

“Fig. 60 shows another form of bulkhead fitting designed to economise lamps. As will be understood, it is fixed in a hole cut in the bulkhead to receive it, say between two cabins, the flange shown being screwed to the woodwork, and the light showing on either side. This fitting is most frequently used where a permanent light is required. It would [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Fig. 62.---Reading-Table Lamp.]

Fig. 62.—Reading-Table Lamp.

“Fig. 62 shows a reading-table lamp, with silk shade. The lamp is fed by a flexible cord.” (p. 152) [$]

[picture: Figs. 15 and 16.---Showing Siemens' Alternate Current Dynamo, with its Excitor.]

Figs. 15 and 16.—Showing Siemens’ Alternate Current Dynamo, with its Excitor.

Fig. 15 shows the only form of alternator that has been used on board ship [as of 1892]. It is of the Siemens pattern; having, as already explained, a double crown of short field-magnets with the [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Fig. 61.---Guarded Portable Lamp Fitting.]

Fig. 61.—Guarded Portable Lamp Fitting.

“Fig. 61. shows a portable guarded fitting intended for portable lamps, for holds, etc. A flexible cable is attached to it and a switch placed at the point of conection.” (p. 152) [more...] [$]

[picture: Fig. 95.---Showing Edison-Swan Ampère Meter.]

Fig. 95.—Showing Edison-Swan Ampère Meter.

“Fig. 95 shows an outside view of an ampère meter made by the Edison-Swan Co.” (p. 220) [more...] [$]

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Words and pictures from “Electric Lighting for Marine Engineers” by Sydney F. Walker, undated but approx. 1890 (a bookseller lists an 1892 edition). Lots of steampunk potential here!

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