Harmsworth’s Encyclopædia (page 1/7)

Title: Harmsworth’s Encyclopædia

Author: Harmsworth

City: London

Date: 1904

Total items: 60

Items taken from Harmsworth’s Encyclopædia (approx. 1904).

This is an eight-volume Encyclopedia; the printing quality is not very high, but some of the images are useful.

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Some sample images

[picture: ]
[picture: Overview map of Lancashire, England]
[picture: Overview map of Devon, England]
[picture: Overview map of Kent, England]
[picture: Overview map of Flint, Wales]
[picture: Overview map of Northamptonshire, England]

Tags in this source:

animals cathedrals cattle churches cities colleges colour cotton cows diagrams greyscale machinery maps plans rollers towers wheels

Places shown:

Anglesey ·Bedfordshire ·Berkshire ·Brecknockshire ·Buckinghamshire ·Caernarvon ·Cambridgeshire ·Cardiganshire ·Carmarthen ·Cheshire ·Cornwall ·Cumberland ·Denbighshire ·Derbyshire ·Devonshire ·Dorset ·Durham ·Essex ·Flintshire ·Glamorgan ·Gloucestershire ·Hampshire ·Herefordshire ·Hertfordshire ·Huntingdonshire ·Isle of Wight ·Kent ·Lancashire ·Leicestershire ·Lincolnshire ·London ·Merioneth ·Middlesex ·Monmouthshire ·Montgomeryshire ·none ·Norfolk ·Northamptonshire ·Northumberland ·Nottinghamshire ·Oxford ·Oxfordshire ·Pembroke ·Radnor ·Rutland ·Shropshire ·Somerset ·Staffordshire ·Suffolk ·Surrey ·Sussex ·Warwickshire ·Westmorland ·Wiltshire ·Worcestershire ·Yorkshire

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