Image Licence

The images on From Old Books dot Org have been scanned and cleaned up manually, with great care, by small goblins. In most cases, high resolution images suitable for professional graphic design use are available for a fee.

Each image page has a Status entry that describes whether the image is in copyright; most are out of copyright. In all cases if you buy the high resolution image, the terms are as follows:

Royalty Free

You only pay once and can use the image in any number of projects, in any way, without restrictions.

Commercial Use Allowed

You can use the images commercially.

No Hate Speech

I will not usually sell to a hate-speech organisation such as the KKK (which is not legal here in Canada in any case), homophobic or transphobic groups such as Hobby Lobby, the Salvation Army, or right-wing Christian groups, or groups promoting violence.

High Resolution

If you want to buy a high resolution image, go to the Web page for that image and follow the link to buy it; in the form, say roughly what size you need and the purpose, so that you get the best price.

If you want only a Web resolution image you can choose that too, and in that case the download is instant on payment if the link is working, and, if not, usually I will email you the image within a few hours. The automatic download doesn't always work because the monthly paypal merchant fees are higher than the revenus from monthly image sales.

Contacting Liam

I am liam at fromoldbooks dot org; let me know if you'd like me to scan specific images, or higher resolution copies, or have any interesting uses for these images, or like them. Tell me what colour socks you are wearing. For faster service include a picture of your ankles.

This site is run by a Canadian citizen who lives in Canada; the site is hosted in Canada.