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[picture: Contents Page]

Contents Page

In this Arts and Crafts style image, a wide piece of paper is drawn with curled-up side edges; the paper is set in a ground featuring a blue sky with white birds. The birds are flying out of an open wicker birdcage held by a winged and garlanded naked blond curly-haired youth incorporated into the initial letter C of the word Contents; song-birds and [...] [more...]


[picture: Initial letter C with angel releasing birds from bird-cage]

Initial letter C with angel releasing birds from bird-cage

A decorative initial C featuring a winged young male angel wearing only a garland of flowers, and otherwise naked and barefoot; the youth or boy is squatting or kneeling inside the letter C holding a [...] [more...]


[picture: Courtship in May]

Courtship in May

Spring flowers adorn a grassy hill in a forest where a shepherd girl (by her crook, or sheep-staff) and a minstrel boy (by his pan pipes) are courting. The young man is about to put a wreath or garland of flowers on the [...] [more...]


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