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1600x1183, 271x200, 3202x2367, 5120x3784, 750x554

131.—Wall of Severus, on the Sandstone Quarries, Denton Dean, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Old England: A Pictorial Museum (1845)

The engraving shows a part of Hadrian’s Wall, calling it the Wall of Severus in a confusion common since the 17th century. Hadrian’s Wall here seens to go along the edge of a bank, so that the land be [...]

Keywords: roman remains, ruins, walls, people, cliffs, buildings, greyscale

Places shown: Hadrian’s Wall; Denton Dean; Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Northumberland; England

Added: 2018-04-13

Image status: public domain, hence royalty-free stock image; usage credit requested