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Items matching borders taken from The Cynic’s Calendar (1905) (results page 1)

borders: Decorative edges round a page or illustration, e.g. used in calligraphy. Victorian borders and seventeenth-century borders are the most popular I think, but there are also some art-and-crafts borders here too. Borders with leaves, vines and flowers are also called foliated, foliate borders, or floriated borders. Also called frames or cornici (a cornice is a plaster moulding, and cornici or cornices are really plaster picture frames). Borders might be useful for scrapbooking or for Web pages, so they are available in high resolution for print (e.g. 300dpi) and low resolution for web. Don't forget that you can change the colours of the borders very easily in most graphics programs!

Page detail: Art Neuveau border
Page detail: Art Neuveau Cartouche
Snake and Owl Border.