An Old Sweetheart of Mine (page 2/2)

[picture: Page image, border and poem]

Page image, border and poem

The rare Habanas in their box,
    or gaunt churchwarden-stem
That often wags, above the jar,
    derisively at them. (p. 12) [more...]


[picture: Pink Floriated Border]

Pink Floriated Border

This beautiful and quaint border was around a single verse of a poem in the children’s book. [more...]


[picture: Pink Floriated Border in Grey]

Pink Floriated Border in Grey

Grayscale version of the floral border, darkened, to make it easy to re-colour or to use in printing. [more...]


[picture: Study chair and bookcase]

Study chair and bookcase

A bookcase with a picture leaning up against it; a comfortable padded chair; fire-tongs and a curtain.


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