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Seal or Coin of Gemini (front)

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The magical circle, or seal, of Gemini in the Zodiac. As with all of these zodiac seals in this book, they are intended to be cast as coins of specific metals and made at specific times.

See also the other side of the coin for Gemini.

The book (pp. 140 and 141) talks about when to make the seal, or coin, and how to wear it against the skin, but then says,

[…] if any have so great a desire to know the power and virtue thereof, that they cannot stay in expectation of it, seek to the most approved Authors in Astronomy, what are the Virtues of Gemini, in producing Diseases and other things: And then at last, according to the process of the preceding and following Signes, maturely judge.

Note, some editions of this book have SALL instead of SAH in this seal, and here the engraving is perhaps intentionally ambiguous, or maybe the H is really some other sign.

(p. 141)


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