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[picture: Recto, unidentified eary printed page]

Recto, unidentified eary printed page

Printed by Nicolas Jenson in a black-letter type designed to imitate a scribe’s handwriting. The size given (280x430mm) is for the paper; the text area is approximately 175x280mm. [more...]


[picture: Detail from verso, showing the letter-forms.]

Detail from verso, showing the letter-forms.

A small detail from the printed page, showing the shapes of the letters.


[picture: Verso, unidentified eary printed page]

Verso, unidentified eary printed page

The other side of the piece of printed paper that I have from some time between 1470 and 1480.


[picture: watermark: crossbow in circle]

watermark: crossbow in circle

Watermark from an early printed page. I found similar watermarks at the Gravell Watermark Archive suggesting plausible dates of 1476 and 1501 for the paper. [more...]


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