The Cynic’s Calendar (page 2/2)

[picture: Frontispiece: Jester and Monk]

Frontispiece: Jester and Monk

A woman in a red jester’s outfit, including a jester’s hat with bells, and a black-robed monk wearing sandals, and with a black hood, hold hands as if preparing to dance. [more...]


[picture: Imprint Page]

Imprint Page

The imprint page shows the printing and copyright information; it also has a coloured design that I have made into a separate image, Fox and Goose. [more...]


[picture: Fox and Goose Decoateive Element]

Fox and Goose Decoateive Element

A decorative motif, or page element, from the imprint page, shpwing a fox and a goose (or a duck maybe) reading a book.


[picture: 1.---January Week 1]

1.—January Week 1

Tell the truth and
shame the—family. [more...]


[picture: Page detail: Art Neuveau border]

Page detail: Art Neuveau border

A detail from the January Week 1 page showing the decorative border, which repeats on every fourth page throughout most of the book. A cat stands on a skull. [more...]


[picture: Page detail: Art Neuveau Cartouche]

Page detail: Art Neuveau Cartouche

The encyclopedia of the book says that a cartouche is [more...]


[picture: The Well of Knowledge]

The Well of Knowledge

The jester leads the donkey (or mule) to the well of knowedge (written, quaintly, “Knowledge. HerWelle”) but, stubbronly, the mule refuses to drink. The mule is [...] [more...]


[picture: Trouble]


They were driving to the poor-house when he car broke down. Granny is filling te engine, perhaps with fuel or with water, while someone in the foreground wields a hammer; behind them, a jester laughs. [more...]


[picture: Snake and Owl Border.]

Snake and Owl Border.

This border in red, featuring a snake and an owl with an outstretched wing, was around the word “Memorandum” but it could equally well do for an owl-deliverd Slytherin message in a Harry Potter film! [more...]


[picture: The First Monday]

The First Monday

“The First Monday” [more...]


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