Engravings on Metal by Albrecht Duerer (page 2/2)

[picture: Christ Crowned With Thorns]

Christ Crowned With Thorns

Christ Crowned With Thorns; Duerer (Dürer) made several versions of this drawing; this one is from the Engraved Passion. [more...]


[picture: St. Anthony At the City]

St. Anthony At the City

The city here may be Padua in Italy, or it could be Nurenberg, now in Germany.


[picture: The Nativity (1504)]

The Nativity (1504)

One of a number of pictures that Albrecht Dürer [Duerer] made of the Nativity, i.e. the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, a significant religious event to people of the Christian religion. [more...]


[picture: Knight, Death and the Devil (1513)]

Knight, Death and the Devil (1513)

This is one of three engravings in a series called Meisterstiche. The others are Melancholia I and Saint Jerome in His Study. [more...]


[picture: Melencolia]


This engraving contains the legend “Melencolia I” or, in modern English, Melencholia. The magic square in the background gives the date, 1514, in which Duerer (Dürer) made the engraving. [more...]


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