La Civilizacion (page 2/2)

[picture: Xerxes Mandando Azotar El Mar.]

Xerxes Mandando Azotar El Mar.

King Xerxes of Persia is shown here just after a storm destroyed the beginnings of a bridge he’d ordered to be built in order to send his army to conquor Greece. The following extract is from [...] [more...]


[picture: Greek family returning from the harvest.]

Greek family returning from the harvest.

Família Griega volviendo de la vendimia [more...]


[picture: Greek dances after a meal.]

Greek dances after a meal.

Canzas Griegas despues de la Comida. [more...]


[picture: Typographic ornament with horse's head and harp strings]

Typographic ornament with horse’s head and harp strings

This tailpiece, or typographic ornament, was used at the end of a chapter. It includes a horse’s head perhaps in a stylized horseshoe, with an anvil or yoke behind it, a harp and other [...] [more...]


[picture: Roman slaves carrying an amphora]

Roman slaves carrying an amphora

Two men are walking, about to go up the steps and out of a cellar, one in front of the other; they have a wooden post over their shoulders from which a large amphora is suspended, reaching almost to their ankles. The men are barefoot. The foremost male is wearing breeches and is shirtless; the rear one has a simple tunic tied at the waist, but [...] [more...]


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