Das Buch Fur Alle [the book for everyone]


Pictures from Das Buch Für Alle. Illustrirte Familien-Zeitung. Chronik der Gegenwart. Fünfundzwanzigster Jahrgang., which is, “The Book for Everyone. Illustrated family newspaper. Chronical of the Present. Twenty-fifth Year.” (1890).

[picture: Front Cover from the Book for All]
[picture: Vintage border from The Book for All front cover]

Vintage border from The Book for All front cover

I separated out the formal geometric border from the front cover of this book. It has a rustic, vintage appearance, and I decided to leave it that way. This full-page border features fleurs-de-lys, styilized rosettes and other shapes. [more...] [$]

[picture: Schloß Prunn im Altmühltale]

Schloß Prunn im Altmühltale

Prunn Castle in Bavaria, from an original by F[ritz] Dietrich. [$]