Royal Children of English History

Images from Royal Children of English History: From Alfred the Great to Edward Seventh by Charles Morris, an American writer (as you can tell by the way Edward the Seventh is written, perhaps).

Large parts of the text of this book appear to be taken without credit from A Child’s History of England by Charles Dickens.

Out of copyright.

[picture: Frontispiece: Edward VII Taking the Oath]

Frontispiece: Edward VII Taking the Oath

Edward (not yet King Edward) strikes a kingly pose with one hand on his hip, wearing attractive purple, with an ermine robe and a gold chain, as he prepares [...] [more...]

[picture: Title Page from Royal Children of English History]
[picture: Boy in a Box]

Boy in a Box

A boy, probably a prince, is hiding in a large and ornate chest in this sketch.

[picture: Dunstan and the Devil]

Dunstan and the Devil

A young man (the devil in disguise) kneels on a window-sill looking in at a very frightened person within. [more...]

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