My Boy Life


Images from “My Boy Life, Presented in a Succession of True Stories” by John Carroll D.D. (1809 – 1884), William Briggs, Toronto, 1882, an autobiographical novel. My copy is bound with “Ben Owen: A Lancashire Story” by Jennie Perrett, Wlliam Briggs, Toronto, 1882, and it seems likely they were issued together.

The images are out of copyright.

[picture: Front Cover, My Boy Life]

Front Cover, My Boy Life

The front cover is a light brown or desaturated red with a slight tinge of blue, and has black decorations stamped into it. [more...] [$]

[picture: John Carroll D..D., Portrait and Signature]

John Carroll D..D., Portrait and Signature

A portrait of the author, Dr. John Carroll, and a reproduction of his signature. [$]

[picture: Title Page from My Boy Lfe]
[picture: Rococo headpiece]

Rococo headpiece

This chapterhead, or headpiece, is an ornament from the top of the first page of a chapter (in this case, the table of contents). It features curly vines with syilized leaves surrounding a central circular frame or cartouche containing a vignetted scene: the sun shines and a ewer or jug of water is [...] [more...] [$]

[picture: Tailpiece ornament: flower]

Tailpiece ornament: flower

This woodcut of a flower on a stem with a leaf was used as an end-of-chapter ornament, or tailpiece, in the second book bound in this one volume; the book is called “Ben Owen: A Lancashire Story.” [more...] [$]

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