Incombuˊstible Cloth

Incombuˊstible Cloth A sort of Linen Cloth made from a Stone in the form of Talc; which Stone is call’d Lapis Amianthus and Abestos. This Cloth is said to be of that Nature, that it will not be consum’d, though thrown and letto lie never so long over a hot Fire; and therefore in antient times (as Pliny relates) Shrowds were made of it, and used at Royal Obsequies to wrap up the Corpse, that the Ashes of the Body might be preserved distinct from those of the Wood of the funeral Pile. And Writers relate, that the Princes of Tartary use it for the samePurpose at this Day. And it is the Matter of Wicks the perpetual Lamps were made. The Sone, which is the Matter of it, is found in several places, as in China, Italy, and Wales; and some also in Scotland. Pliny relates, that he was himself at a great Entertainment, where the Napkins of this Cloth being taken foul from the Table, were thrown into the Fire, and by that Means were taken out fairer and whiter, than if they had been washed. As to the Manner of making this Cloth, Paulus Venetus relates, that he was informed by an Intendant of the Mines in Tartary, that this Mineral (that is found in a certain Mountain there) is first pounded in a Brass Mortar, to separate the earthy Part from it, and that it is afterwards washed, and then spun into Threads like Wooll, and afterwards woven into Cloth; and that when itis foul, they throw it into the Fire for an Hour’s Time, from whence it comes out unhurt, and as white as Snow.
But in two Trials there were made before the Royal Society in London, a Piece of this Cloth, of twelve Inches long, and six broad, which weighed twenty-for Drams, being put into a strong Fire for some Minutes, it lost one Dram each Time.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

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