Inch of Candle, or Sale

Inch of Candle, or Sale is when a large Parcel of Merchandizes are divided into several Parcels, called Lots, and according to the Proposals of Sale; the Buyers bid, while about an Inch of Wax Candle is burning, the last Bidder, before the going out of the Candle, has the lot.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Imperiaˊli [with Moralists] * Inciˊding Medicines
Iˊmages [in Rhetorick]
Iˊmages [in Poetry]
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Iˊmages [in Discourse]
Impediaˊti Canes [Law Rec.]
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Imperiaˊli [with Moralists]
Inch of Candle, or Sale
Inciˊding Medicines
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Incombuˊstible Cloth
Inconstancy, or Inconstantness [in Painting and Sculpture]
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