Sect. IX. Cautions: Containing the Names of Roundles, Guttees, and other Matters.

IN Heraldry there are several Kinds of Charges, which tho’ alike in Form, differ in Name, either by reason of their Colour, or some Dissimilitude in their Shape, not very conspicuous.

Of the 1st. Sort are the Guttess and Roundles.

The Word Guttee in French signifies a Drop; and whatever Charge or Field these are found upon, such Charge or Field (according to the Tincture of the Drops) is said to be Guttee

TODO table

So likewise Roundles, according to their different Colours, have new Names assign’d them; for

TODO table

But page xxvii when they are so born as to be counterchang’d, you can call them nothing but Roundles, as in the Arms of Abtot, once Earl of Worcester, which is, Per Pale Topaz and Ruby, three Roundles counterchang’d. Take the same Course, when the Drops above mention’d are counterchang’d, of which you have an Example in Mr. Gwilliam’s Display of Heraldry, p. 370, viz. the Arms of Grindour.

Of the second Sort, viz. Such as seem alike in Form, yet differ really both in Shape and Name, are

TODO The Fusil.

TODO The Lozenge.

TODO The Masele.

The Difference to be observ’d in them is, That the Fusil is longer than the Lozenge, and narrow; the Lozenge has between the two middle Angles as much or more Space, as the Length of either of the Lines ’tis made of; and the Masele is always voided, i. e. the Field is seen thro’ the middle of it.

And thus have I finish’d what I thought necessary to mention concerning Blazon, which I hope will be to Satisfaction: I now proceed to the Rules of Marshalling.