1. Sect. I. Rules of Blazoning in General.
  2. Sect. II. Accidents of Arms.
  3. Sect. III. Essential Parts of Arms
  4. Sect. IV. The several Kinds of Escocheon.
  5. Sect. V. What Field and Charge are.
  6. Sect. VI. The several Kinds of Honourable Ordinaries and their Diminutives.
  7. Sect. VII. Of Lines with their diverse Forms.
  8. Sect. VIII. Some few Coats referr’d to, for the diverse bearing of several Ordinaries.
  9. Sect. IX. Cautions: Containing the Names of Roundles, Guttees, and other Matters.
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Chap. I. Of Blazon.

BLAZON, Strictly taken, signifies, the Explication of Arms, in apt and significant Terms; more largely, it is taken for a Display of the Vertues of the Bearers of Arms. A certain French Armorist has comprehended both in a Word, viz. To Blazon is to express what the Shapes, Kinds, and Colours of things born in Arms are, together with their apt Significations. This Chapter will contain Nine Sections, whereof the first is,