Sect. VIII. Some few Coats referr’d to, for the diverse bearing of several Ordinaries.

1. THE Cross is born Plain, in the Arms of Allesbury, Hussey, Shelton, Wall, Smith of Suffolk, Rainsford, &c. Voided, Atkinson of Stowel. Voided wavy, Duckensfield. Couped voided, Woodnoth. Couped peirced, Grill. Peirced, Ralphson. Ingrail’d, Norwood, Warner of Norfolk, Mickletfield, Cidul, &c. Checkie, Paris of Lincoln, Whitney, &c. Surmounted, Milton. Raguled, Warner of Suffolk.

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2. A Chief is found Plain, in the Arms of Bruce, Scambler, Worksley, Sylgard, &c. Crenelle, Ryncester. Indented, Escourt, Basset, Butler, Dyet, Blackhall, &c. Nebule, Roydenhall. Verrey Wilcocks.

3. A Plain Pale is in the Arms of Wyche and Woodward. Cotised, Heathcot. Radiant Rayonee, Colman.

4. A Plain Bend in the following Coats, viz. Callis, Delyne, Whetnall, Annesly, &c. Indented, Craycroft. Cotised, Bowyer, Plummer, Wingate. Voided, Pulter, Ireton, &c. Lozengy, Lenthal, Pye. Wavy, White, Anteshye, Webster, Wallop. Dancette, Carrick, West of Oxford. Ingrail’d, Waller of Suffolk, Colepeper, &c. Flory, Kelke. Crenelle, Walleys. Raguled, Warner of Essex, Payne of Cambridge.

5. There is a Plain Fesse in Covil’s, Carsey’s, Abbeshall’s, Burkin’s and Winter’s Coats. Checkie, Courtis, Wright of York. Ingrail’d, Ely, Ashfield, Slyfield, Appleton, &c. Dancette, Plowden, Vavasour, West of Bucks, Somers, &c. Verrey, Wright of Surry. Wavy, Weld of Lancashire, Hawes, Watson, &c. Cotised, Weaver, Smith of Devon. Nebule, Weld of Salop, Thorpe, Harewell. Raguled, Payne of Norfolk. Crenelle, Glover.

6. The Chevron is born Plain in the Arms of Stafford, Avene, Barlow, Warwick, &c. Ingrail’d, Child of Essex, Wood of Gloucester, Wilford, Smallpiece of Norfolk. Voided, Pynfold. Verrey, Wilmore, Wilkinson of Kent. Cotised, Smith of Surry. Quarterly, Wincoll. Rompe, Sault, Allen.

7. Plain Saltires are frequent, as in the Coats belonging to Crathorn, Wakeman of Gloucester, Williams of Pembroke, &c. Ingrail’d, Clarke of Creeton, Polwheel, Wotton, Watton. Flory, Webber. Verrey, Willington. Surmounted of another, Andrews. Surmounted of a Cross, Prince.

These few Forms of Bearing, and the Instances of them, I made Choice of to mention here, not because there are no others, or that all of ’em may be found in the following Sheets, but because they are such as page xxvi I could most readily call to mind.____ I suppose I need make no Apology for inserting a Section of this Nature, seeing (as ’tis Sort of Table to the Ordinaries) it can scarse fail of being useful to the Reader.