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What you might find and how to find it

There are 3739 images listed here; most of them in more than one size. The images are mostly scanned from old books, ranging in date from the 1500s up to the 1920s and early 1930s. Most of them are out of copyright, or public domain.

Some common searches:

Castles to find old pictures of castles;

Manors to find pictures of manor houses;

gravestones to find pictures of graveyards or other burial sites;

Here are all the different sorts of things you can search for right now:

Restrict the search to images from a single book. Knight's Old England has the most pictures if you want to try this.
Almost all the images have one or more keywords associated with them. This is the best way to search.
Find images showing a particular place, or showing places in a particular area or country. This is probably most useful when combined with keyword.
Image size
This is for people looking for screen backgrounds (desktop images or wallpaper as Microsoft calls it). You can combine it with the wallpaper keyword to get only images that are the same size as common screens. If you want high resolution images e.g. for commercial use, please contact me directly.

Changing the way results are shown

Just the Pix
The normal search mode (Pics and Details) shows thumbnails, descriptions and keywords for each image. If you choose Just the Pix you get images packed closely on the page.
Image Links

In the results you may see some letters or symbols:

The plus sign (+) will show all images from the same source (the same printed book). The S does the same thing, but using this search interface. The K finds other images with the same keywords. The L looks for other images with the same location. The N looks for images depicting nearby places (e.g. in the same county or region).

Sort order
You can say which result comes first: sorting by source will put all the pictures from a given book together. Newest First will start with the images that were added to this Web site most recently. Most popular will use the number of times each image has been shown in the past few days.
Results per page
You can increase this from 12 to 200 to see more thumbnails on each page of results. The size of your screen and the speed of your network connection will make a difference here!

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