Pantographia: p. 306: New Zealand

Transcription of the text for New Zealand

ThreeKatarrooThe eyesHe matta
FourKawhaThe noseHe eih
FiveKareemaA dogEgoorree
EightKawarrooA stonePowhattoo
TenKacahaoroA houseHèàwhài
A hedgePatéeàA nailEwhàò
A hatchetKocheeVictualsEëi
A garmentHecacahooTataowEmaho
A canoeHewacaTo paddleHoggee
To speakOreroGoodApoorotoo
YesA aBadEkeemo
NoKaowraLook youEta eta

New Zealand: Taken from the vocabulary of this language.

Parkinson’s Voy. p. 126

[Note: The book cited is almost certainly “Parkinson’s Voyage to the South Seas, in his Majesty's Ship, the Endeavour” which was published in 1773. Parkinson was a young artist employed by Joseph Banks on Cook’s first voyage; he died of dysentry near the end of the trip (at Batavia) and the book was published posthumously by his brother, Stanfield Parkinson.—Liam]

p. 160 or Parkinson's journal

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