Magick Geotetick

Magick Geotetick magick performed by the assistance of a dæmon.
Superstitious Magick is performed by the invocation of devils; and the effects of it are very evil and wicked, tho’ very strange and surpassing the powers of nature; and are said to be performed by means of some compact, either express or tacit, with evil spirits. But their power is not near what is imagined, nor do they produce half the effects commonly ascribed to them.
Mathematical Magick is that which, by mathematical learning, and the assistance of celestial influences, produces seemingly miraculous works; as, walking and speaking images, as also by mechanical science, and rare art beyond the reach of vulgar capacities. See Bishop Wilkins, &c.
Magick Lanthorn a small optick machine, by means of which are represented on an opposite wall in an obscure place, many monstrous and hideous shapes terrifying to the beholder; and which, by those who are ignorant of the device, are thought to be effected by magick.
Magick Square [not done]

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

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Magick Geotetick
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