Airy Triplicity [with Astrologers]

Airy Triplicity [with Astrologers]
the Signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Airy Meteors [with Astronomers] * Alembick [in Chymical Writers]
Air [in Chymical Writers]
Air [in Horsemanship]
Aˊiriness [of Air]
High Airs
Air [with Anatomists]
Air [with Musicians]
To Air
Air pump
Airy Meteors [with Astronomers]
Airy Triplicity [with Astrologers]
Alembick [in Chymical Writers]
Alexaˊndrine [with Poets]
Numeral Algebra, or Vulgar Algebra
Literal Algebra, or Specious Algebra
Alleˊrions [in Heraldry]
Almonds of the Throat
Aluˊdels [with Chymists]