Adventitious Glandules [Anatomy]

Adventitious Glandules [Anatomy]
those Kernels which are some times, under the Arm-holes, some times in the Neck, as the King’s Evil, &c.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Adoˊnia * Adventitious Matter [with Philosophers]
Voluntary Action [with Philosophers]
Action [in Law]
Preparatory Action, or Prejudicial Action [in Law]
Action [in an Epic Poem]
Action [with Orators]
Action [in Orators]
Aˊcto [Old Records]
Adoˊlescence, or Ado’lescency
Adventitious Glandules [Anatomy]
Adventitious Matter [with Philosophers]
Æˊgilops [in Surgury]
Aiguiˊsce, or Aigui’sse, or Agui’sse [in Heraldry]
Aiguisce, or Eiguisce [in Heraldry]
Air [in Chymical Writers]
Air [in Horsemanship]
Aˊiriness [of Air]
High Airs