Adoˊnia Festivals celebrated in Honour of Adonis; wherein the Women imitated the Lamentation of Venus, for the Death of Adonis; and when they were tired with this, they changed their Notes, sung his Praises, and made Rejoycings, as if he were raised to Life again.

Definition taken from The Universal Etymological English Dictionary, edited by Nathan Bailey (1736)

Adoˊlescence, or Ado’lescency * Adventitious Glandules [Anatomy]
Spontaneous Action [with Philosophers and Physicians]
Voluntary Action [with Philosophers]
Action [in Law]
Preparatory Action, or Prejudicial Action [in Law]
Action [in an Epic Poem]
Action [with Orators]
Action [in Orators]
Aˊcto [Old Records]
Adoˊlescence, or Ado’lescency
Adventitious Glandules [Anatomy]
Adventitious Matter [with Philosophers]
Æˊgilops [in Surgury]
Aiguiˊsce, or Aigui’sse, or Agui’sse [in Heraldry]
Aiguisce, or Eiguisce [in Heraldry]
Air [in Chymical Writers]
Air [in Horsemanship]
Aˊiriness [of Air]