Image description for Railway Trains in Space

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The picture is black and white but with a dark blue tint. There are eight other planets visible, along with the sun and the moon. There’s even a comet. The sun gives out an alternating pattern of bright and dim rays. The viewpoint is from far above the round planet, although we see individual roads, trees and houses! There are also clouds in space, it seems.

The ten trains start clumped together at the lower left corner and are curving away towards the planets on tracks that fade into the distance.

The numbers on the sides of the trains read as follows (from right to left):

66 days to the Moon

5055 years to Neptune

3160 years to Uranus

1470 Years to Saturn

40 million years to nearest star

740 years to Jupiter

76 years to Mars

50 Years to Venus

177 Years to the Sun

110 Years to Mercury

The wheels on the locomotives are rather roughly sketched: it looks like some of the engines are 2-6-4 and some are 2-4-4 configurations but probably the artist just wasn’t very interested in trains. Some of the trains are going over bridges in the foreground to get off the planet Earth.

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